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ShriConnect’s Online & Offline Admission Management System empowers schools and students with enhanced accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and absolute seamlessness.

Create a registration & admission process that is all

Why Use an Admission Management System?

Time & Cost-Saving

Automated admission process, reduced administrative workload, and optimized operational costs ensure a highly efficient enrollment experience for the school administration.

Global Access

Accessibility to admission-related information from anywhere in the world, facilitating international applicants and ensuring a seamless and inclusive admissions experience.

Environment Friendly

Paperless admission procedures that contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage and promoting an eco-friendly & digitally forward institution.

Data for Decisions

Use of insights based on data & indepth analysis to make informed decisions and enhance admission strategies with access to applicant demographics, preferences, and trends.

ShriConnect is the No.#1 Choice in School Admission Management Softwares

What makes ShriConnect the most popular choice for an admission management software?


Student and school management is time-consuming and calls for allocation of dedicated resources & time. ShriConnect’s unparalleled capability to automate processes with high accuracy, saves time spent on tedious management activities.

Scalability &

ShriConnect’s School Management System can easily scale with the size and operations of your school without any performance degradation. It also allows customization to meet your unique needs and handle the specific challenges of your school.


Data protection is a critical component of a school management system, especially with student information. ShriConnect ensures 100% compliance and absolute security of all sensitive data & information.


ShriConnect has a dedicated support team for all their school management system modules, providing prompt support to users with whatever issues, questions, or concerns that might come up. This ensures 100% efficacy & efficiency for schools and parents


ShriConnect provides users with an array of options with the pricing. Schools can pick a plan that best suits their unique administration & management needs, as well as their budget. ShriConnect delivers top-notch performance quality at reasonable pricing.


The ShriConnect School Management System is easily adaptable to changing needs, board regulations, and school policies. The consistent software updates and customisation ensures seamless performance and accuracy within the process.


ShriConnect is a popular choice of school ERP software among leading schools across cities, proving the capability, performance, and quality of service that this school management system provides.

Easy to Use,
Easy to Integrate

ShriConnect’s school management software has the ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems to deliver a smooth workflow and easy connectivity. Moreover, it’s intuitive user interface makes it extremely user-friendly and effective.

Reliable &

ShriConnect as a school management system is highly reliable and stable. With 100% up-time and regular updates, this erp software is always high-performing and disruption-free.

A School Admission Management System That Benefits Everyone

A Comprehensive & Transformative Solution for All Stakeholders Alike

School Administration



Other Modules

Student Analytics & Tracking

Track and optimise student performance with a comprehensive analysis.

Staff Attendance Management

Streamline staff attendance tracking for efficient management of resources & academic schedule.

Dynamic School Calendar Management

Effectively streamline your school schedules, events, and academic year holidays

Teacher Training & Development

Empower your educators with regular teacher training & development activities and workshops.

Homework & Assignment Management

Assign, track, grade, and manage assignments and projects for students.

Fee Collection & Management

Online & offline fee collection and management, with Pay Later & Flexi EMI options.

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ShriConnect Admission Management System- Streamlining the Enrollment Process

ShriConnect, an avant-garde school admission management system, goes beyond the conventional realms of administrative tasks, presenting a transformative solution for schools seeking a seamless admission management process. Our comprehensive software redefines the educational landscape by seamlessly integrating technology and innovation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both administrators and prospective students.

Our online school admission management software provides an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use. It also offers a wide range of features, such as customizable dashboards and analytics, that help administrators make informed decisions. Additionally, our software provides prospective students with a comprehensive set of tools that make it easier to find the right school for them.

How Does Admission management System Work?

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System operates on a seamless and user-centric approach. It simplifies the application journey for prospective students, providing an intuitive platform to submit their information effortlessly. Simultaneously, administrators benefit from real-time application tracking, ensuring a transparent and well-managed enrollment process.

What are the Benefits of Admission Management System?

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System is designed to simplify and enhance the entire enrollment process, offering a range of benefits that contribute to a more streamlined and effective admission experience.

  1. Efficient and Time Savings
    Admission management software automates time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, document verification, and communication. This not only reduces manual efforts but also significantly speeds up the entire enrollment process.

  2. Improved Communication
    Enhance communication between applicants, parents, and administrators with real-time updates. Applicants can track the status of their applications, fostering transparency and engagement.

  3. Transparent Application Tracking
    Admission management software provides a transparent application tracking system. This feature ensures that applicants and their families have clear insights into the progress of their enrollment process.

  4. Cost Optimization
    By automating routine tasks, the admission management software minimizes the need for extensive manual work. This not only saves time but also contributes to cost optimization, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently.

  5. Enhanced Data Security
    Security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive student information. Admission management software employs robust measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all admission-related data.

  6. Customization Workflows
    Admission management system is highly customizable, allowing educational institutions to tailor the admission process to their specific needs. Custom fields, unique workflows, and personalized communication templates can be integrated seamlessly.

Key Features of School Admission Management System

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System is a streamlined solution for educational institutions, offering key features for efficient fee management.

  1. Online Enquiry Form/Admission Form
    Our system allows schools to publish online enquiry and admission forms on their website, streamlining the application process. Alternatively, administrators can directly input forms at the school, ensuring flexibility in data collection.

  2. Lead Generation
    Effortlessly capture and manage enquiries to generate valuable leads. Our system ensures that no potential candidate is overlooked, contributing to a robust lead generation process.

  3. Application Form Processing
    Capture and process application forms efficiently. Our system is designed to handle a large volume of applications, simplifying the otherwise cumbersome task of manual processing.

  4. Interview Management
    Automate the scheduling of interviews with our system’s intelligent auto-arrange time slots feature. Administrators can easily update interview timings and modify the interview list as needed.

  5. Offer Letter Generation
    Generate offer letters for selected students seamlessly. This feature expedites the communication process, providing a quick and professional response to successful applicants.

  6. Interview and Student Lists
    Print interview lists for internal use or display, ensuring transparency and organization. Similarly, generate selected student lists for display within the institution premises.

  7. Document and Fees Management
    Efficiently capture and organize admission-related documents and fees details. This comprehensive approach ensures that all necessary information is stored securely within the system.

  8. Auto Registration/Enrollment
    Automatically register and enroll successful applicants as students. This time-saving feature reduces manual data entry and ensures accurate and timely enrollment.

What ShriConnect Offers in Admission Management System?

In addition to the mentioned benefits and features, ShriConnect excels in:

  1. Analytics and Reporting: Harness the power of real-time data analytics to gain insights into enrollment trends, helping administrators make informed decisions.

  2. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a seamless experience for users on various devices, allowing them to access the system conveniently from smartphones and tablets.

  3. Dedicated Support: Receive comprehensive support from ShriConnect’s team, ensuring that schools not only adopt a powerful admission management system but also receive guidance and assistance in leveraging its full potential.

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System goes beyond a mere software solution. It is a strategic investment in transforming the enrollment experience, offering a multitude of benefits and features that position it as the ideal partner for schools seeking to revolutionize their admission processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online School Admission Management System

How can an Admission Management System benefit our institution?

An Admission Management System simplifies and accelerates the admission process, reducing paperwork and manual effort. It enhances organization, communication, and provides valuable insights into admission trends for better decision-making.

Is the Admission Management System customizable to our institution's needs?

Admission Management System is highly customizable. It can be tailored to meet your educational institution's specific requirements and processes, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing workflows.

What features does the Admission Management System offer?

Admission Management System includes online application submission, document verification, applicant tracking, communication tools, and analytics. It covers the entire admission lifecycle from application to enrollment.

How secure does the Admission Management System handle the data?

Admission Management System employs robust encryption methods and follows best practices to safeguard sensitive student and institutional data. Regular security audits are conducted to ensure the system's integrity.

Can the system integrate with other software used by our institution?

Yes, the Admission Management System is designed to integrate seamlessly with other software applications commonly used in educational institutions. This includes Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and more.

Is training provided for using the Admission Management System?

Absolutely. ShriConnect offer comprehensive training sessions for your staff to ensure they are proficient in using the system. Additionally, our support team is readily available to assist with any queries or issues.

How user-friendly is the Admission Management System?

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System is designed with simplicity in mind. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for both administrators and applicants to navigate. Minimal training is required to get started and utilize its full potential.

Can the Admission Management System be accessed remotely?

Yes, the system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows administrators, staff, and applicants to conveniently engage with the admission process remotely, improving accessibility and flexibility.

How schools & institution implement the Admission Management System?

Implementation is a collaborative process. Our team will work closely with your institution to configure the system according to your needs, provide training, and ensure a smooth transition to the new admission process.

How schools & institution implement the Admission Management System?

Implementation is a collaborative process. Our team will work closely with your institution to configure the system according to your needs, provide training, and ensure a smooth transition to the new admission process.