How to Choose the Best School Management Software For Your School – A 2024 School ERP Guide

How to Choose the Best School Management System For Your School - A 2024 School ERP Guide

Being an educator comes with its fair share of challenges – streamlining the curriculum, engaging students, and maintaining seamless communication. With the education sector advancing digitally, use of a School Management Software or a school ERP software has become non-negotiable. These systems act as digital assistants, simplifying daily operations. However, choosing the right one can […]

Top Reporting Features of Online School Fee Management System Your School Needs!

Top Analytics and Reporting Features of Online School Fee Management System Your School Management Will Benefit From

In the dynamic realm of Indian education, where more than 1.5 million schools serve around 250 million students, the significance of efficient fee management cannot be overstated. Traditional manual processes may result in errors, delays, and data inconsistencies, creating obstacles to financial transparency and the seamless functioning of schools. This is where implementing online school […]

Evolution of Parent-Teacher Meeting in 2024 – How to Choose a PTM Software For Your School

Parent-Teacher Meeting - How to Choose a PTM Software for Your School

Scheduling a Parent-Teacher meeting poses logistical challenges in a technologically unevolved school management setup. Coordinating mutually convenient time slots for busy parents can either result in limited participation or an unplanned delay in the process. Moreover, the confinement to brief time slots can make it challenging to delve deep into a student’s progress or address […]

Online Attendance Management System – The Only Way For School Attendance in 2024

Online Attendance Management System for Schools by ShriConnect

In the new realm of modern education, the need for efficient attendance management system in schools has reached a critical juncture. Outdated attendance-taking methods are no longer sustainable, prompting schools with the need to turn to cutting-edge solutions like an Attendance Management System. Let’s explore why schools need to adopt an online Attendance Management System […]

Top 10 Library Management System in India in 2024

Top 10 Library Management System in India

Library Management System (LMS) has become an indispensable tool in modern education and library management in schools, streamlining operations, enhancing student experience, and facilitating knowledge dissemination.  The global LMS market is experiencing significant growth, however, choosing from the vast array of options can be a challenging task. This stands especially true when you’re looking for […]

7 Ways a Library Management System in Your School Can Boost Student Engagement

7 Ways a Library Management System in Your School Can Boost Student Engagement

The evolution of a library management system (LMS) has transformed school libraries from quiet reading spaces to dynamic centers of learning and interaction. These systems, equipped with advanced features, offer unprecedented opportunities for enhancing student engagement. Let’s explore how educators and librarians can utilize these systems to foster a love for reading, support academic growth, […]


School management software to manage online assignment

If you have been able to notice in the past few years, you will know that the concept of online assignments has indeed become very handy. The ultimate prerogative, in this case, is to make sure that you can find someone who can help you; hence, we are here at Shri Connect. Irrespective of which educational institution, […]


Student management software for your institution

Managing an educational institution is a hefty amount of work. A student management system system aims to help institutions manage their data seamlessly. Educators and administrative personnel can have online access to all the data. The management module includes data related to admissions, fees, billing transactions, exams, attendance, curriculum, assessments, library, grades and medical reports, and more. […]