School Report Card & Exam Management System

Efficient, Insightful, and Intuitive

Revolutionizing Academic Assessment and Reporting

Why Choose ShriConnect for Report & Exam Management?

Boost Academic Efficiency

Streamline exam setup and grading, freeing educators to focus on teaching.

Inclusive Education Support

Specialized reporting for SEN students ensures no child is left behind.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Automated features minimize manual work, reducing errors and saving time.

Enhance Student Performance Analysis

Detailed analytics provide insights into student achievements and areas for improvement.

ShriConnect is the No.#1 Choice in Report & Exam Management System

What Sets ShriConnect Apart in Academic Management Software?

Customizable Grading & Marking Criteria

Adapt our versatile grading systems for each subject, ensuring a flexible yet precise evaluation of student achievements. This feature allows for a nuanced approach to assessment, reflecting the unique aspects of each discipline.

Diverse Exam Setup with Weightage Management

Effortlessly configure a variety of examinations and assign their significance in line with your educational objectives. This functionality simplifies the complex task of exam management while maintaining alignment with your curriculum's focus.

Specialized Reporting for SEN Students

Utilize our dedicated reporting features for Special Educational Needs (SEN) students. This ensures every student's progress is tracked with the care and specificity they deserve, promoting an inclusive educational environment.

In-Depth Student Mark Analysis

Delve into the intricacies of student performance with our comprehensive mark analysis tools. These insights aid in making well-informed educational decisions and identifying student improvement and growth areas.

Automated Remarks Bank

Establish an extensive, automated remarks bank for each descriptive indicator. Automatically generated based on grades, this feature streamlines the feedback process, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time for educators.

Multi-Dimensional Academic Performance Display

Gain a panoramic view of academic progress with our system's ability to display trends across classes, sections, subjects, and individual teaching methodologies. This multi-faceted perspective is crucial for comprehensive educational planning and analysis.

Multilingual Subject Reporting

Embrace diversity with our support for multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Dhivehi, and Unicode fonts. This feature ensures that language is no barrier to understanding and managing academic reports.

Exam Mark Entry Status Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse of exam progress with a dashboard that meticulously tracks pending mark entries and remarks. This real-time update ensures that every aspect of student assessment is noticed.

A School ERP That Benefits Everyone

All-in-One Exam & Report Management System For All Stakeholders Alike



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ShriConnect School Report Card and Exam Management System

ShriConnect continues its commitment to revolutionizing educational processes with its cutting-edge School Report Card and Exam Management System. Going beyond conventional boundaries, this comprehensive software suite redefines how schools handle academic assessments and report generation, offering an innovative solution for educational institutions seeking efficiency and excellence.

Our School Report Card and Exam Management System is a holistic approach to academic administration, seamlessly blending technology and innovation to create a streamlined experience for administrators, teachers, and students. By harnessing the power of advanced features and user-friendly interfaces, ShriConnect ensures a hassle-free journey through the complexities of academic assessment and reporting.

What is an Exam Management System for Schools?

ShriConnect’s Exam Management System is an advanced software solution tailored for schools to streamline and enhance the entire examination lifecycle. This digital platform empowers administrators, educators, and decision-makers with a robust tool to manage, organize, and optimize the examination processes seamlessly.

How does Exam Management System Works?

Operating on an intuitive interface, ShriConnect’s Exam Management System simplifies the examination workflow:

  1. Exam Setup and Scheduling: Effortlessly set up exams, define schedules, and allocate resources through an easy-to-use interface.

  2. Automated Grading and Result Processing: Accelerate the grading process with automated systems, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time for educators.

  3. Secure Data Management: Safeguard examination data with robust security measures, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy standards.
What are the Benefits of School Exam Management System?

ShriConnect’s Admission Management System is designed to simplify and enhance the entire enrollment process, offering a range of benefits that contribute to a more streamlined and effective admission experience.

  1. Efficient and Time Savings
    Admission management software automates time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, document verification, and communication. This not only reduces manual efforts but also significantly speeds up the entire enrollment process.

  2. Improved Communication
    Enhance communication between applicants, parents, and administrators with real-time updates. Applicants can track the status of their applications, fostering transparency and engagement.

  3. Transparent Application Tracking
    Admission management software provides a transparent application tracking system. This feature ensures that applicants and their families have clear insights into the progress of their enrollment process.

  4. Cost Optimization
    By automating routine tasks, the admission management software minimizes the need for extensive manual work. This not only saves time but also contributes to cost optimization, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently.

  5. Enhanced Data Security
    Security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive student information. Admission management software employs robust measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all admission-related data.

  6. Customization Workflows
    Admission management system is highly customizable, allowing educational institutions to tailor the admission process to their specific needs. Custom fields, unique workflows, and personalized communication templates can be integrated seamlessly.

Key Features of School Exam Management System

ShriConnect’s Exam Management System combines these features to create a robust platform that simplifies examination processes and promotes accurate assessment, personalized reporting, and comprehensive academic analytics. Elevate your school’s examination experience with our innovative and user-friendly system.

  1. Flexible Grading Setup: Easily configure grading criteria for each subject, along with customizable examinations and their relative weightage.

  2. SEN Student Reporting: Ensure inclusive assessment with separate reporting for Special Education Needs (SEN) students.

  3. Mark Analysis: Gain insights into student performance through in-depth mark analysis, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

  4. Efficient Remarks Bank: Streamline reporting with a dynamic remarks bank that automatically fetches remarks based on grades.

  5. Academic Performance Trends: View and print academic performance trends across classes, sections, subjects, and teachers to make informed decisions.

  6. Multilingual Reporting: Generate subject reports in English, Hindi, Dhivehi, or Unicode fonts to cater to diverse language preferences.

  7. Mark Entry Dashboard: Monitor mark entry status through a dashboard, ensuring completeness with a checklist for entered marks and remarks.

  8. Behavior Tracking and Analytics: Integrate behavior tracking to combine academic and behavioral insights for a holistic view of student performance.

What ShriConnect Offers in the School Exam Management System?

As your dedicated partner in academic excellence, ShriConnect goes beyond providing software; we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your educational institution:

  1. Customized Implementation: Tailor the Exam Management System to align seamlessly with your specific examination requirements. Our experts work closely with your institution to ensure a customized and optimized implementation.


  2. Training and Support: Empower your educators and administrators with comprehensive training sessions. Our ongoing support ensures that your team is confident and proficient in using the Exam Management System’s features to their fullest potential.


  3. Scalability: Grow confidently with a scalable solution that adapts to your institution’s changing examination needs. ShriConnect’s Exam Management System evolves with you, providing flexibility and efficiency at every stage.


  4. Personalized Assistance: Benefit from personalized assistance throughout your journey with ShriConnect. Our dedicated support team is ready to address any queries, concerns, or customization requirements promptly and effectively.


  5. Continuous Updates and Enhancements: Stay at the forefront of technological advancements. ShriConnect ensures your Exam Management System is up-to-date with regular updates and enhancements, incorporating the latest features and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions about School Report Card & Exam Management System

How exam management system support Schools?

Exam management systems provides comprehensive support by automating exam processes, reducing manual efforts, ensuring accuracy in grading, and offering valuable insights into student performance.

How does the Exam Management System contribute to efficient report card management?

ShriConnect's Exam Management System seamlessly integrates with the report card management system, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process from exam setup to the generation of student report cards.

How does the student report card management system work?

The student report card management system efficiently compiles and presents student performance data, including grades, remarks, and academic trends, providing a comprehensive overview of individual achievements.

Can the report card management system be customized to our school's grading criteria?

Yes, ShriConnect's system allows customization of grading criteria, ensuring that the report card management aligns with the unique grading standards of your school.

Is the student report card accessible in multiple languages?

ShriConnect's report card management system supports multiple languages, enabling the generation of student reports in English, Hindi, Dhivehi, or Unicode fonts.

How does the report card management system contribute to effective communication with parents?

The system enhances communication by providing detailed and accurate student reports, facilitating transparent and informed interactions between educators and parents.

What security measures are in place to protect student report card data?

ShriConnect's report card management system ensures the security of student data through robust encryption and secure storage, adhering to the highest data protection standards.

Can the Exam Management System generate trends in student academic performance?

Yes, the Exam Management System provides trends in student academic performance, allowing educators and administrators to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions.

Is the Exam Management System adaptable to changes in examination requirements?

ShriConnect's Exam Management System is highly adaptable, accommodating changes in examination requirements and ensuring flexibility as per the evolving needs of your institution.