ShriConnect - A Comprehensive ERP for Schools

360° School Management System & Modules, Designed for Modern Education

Dynamic School Calendar Management

Effectively streamline your school schedules, events, and academic year holidays. Request For Demo

Lead/ Admission Management System

Seamless and efficient management of admissions, online & offline. Request For Demo

Fee Collection Management - Online & Offline

Online & offline fee collection and management, with Pay Later & Flexi EMI options. Request For Demo

Question & Online Assessment Management

Create, store, and conduct class-wise online question banks and track assessments. Request For Demo

Student Analytics & Tracking Management

Track and optimise student performance with a comprehensive analysis. Request For Demo

Examination & Report Card with Multi-Curriculum

Generate multi-curricular report cards for a holistic student assessment. Request For Demo

Library Management System & Stock Inventory

Manage school library resources, track inventory, and enhance user experience. Request For Demo

Student & Staff Transport Management

Streamline student & staff transportation logistics with route mapping, transport allocation & more. Request For Demo

Curriculum, Year Plan Management & Teacher Repository

Organize the curriculum, plan the academic year, and manage teaching resources. Request For Demo

PTM Management

Schedule, organise, and manage Parent-Teacher Meetings with a dedicated ERP system. Request For Demo

Payroll Management

Process, manage, and maintain school staff payroll with complete customisation capability. Request For Demo

Parent Consent Management

Securely manage and track parental consents and handle student activities. Request For Demo

After School Activity Management

Oversee and coordinate after school activities with a specialised management system. Request For Demo

Teacher Parent Communication

Facilitate seamless communication between teachers and parents across multiple channels. Request For Demo

Cafeteria Management

Handle cafeteria operations, stock management, payments, and menu planning. Request For Demo

Asset & Inventory Management

Track, manage, and optimise your school assets and inventory easily and seamlessly. Request For Demo

Resource Room Management

Effectively manage & optimise resource rooms to deliver an enhanced education experience to students. Request For Demo

Teacher Training & Development

Empower your educators with regular teacher training & development activities and workshops. Request For Demo

Homework and Assignment Management

Assign, track, grade, and comprehensively manage homeworks and projects for students. Request For Demo

Co-Curricular, Year Plan & Teacher Repository

Coordinate co-curricular activities, plan the year, and manage resources. Request For Demo

Co-Curricular, Inter School/Inter House Event & Trip Management

Organise inter-school events, inter-house activities, & school trips. Request For Demo

Student Election

Foster student leadership & democracy with an efficient student election management module. Request For Demo

Staff Self Service Portal

Empower your school staff with a user-friendly & easy accessibility to information and services on a single portal. Request For Demo

Student Digital Diary/ Almanac

Enhance student-teacher-parent communication with a digital diary and almanac. Request For Demo

Infirmary and Health Management

Ensure student & staff well-being with a infirmary & stock management system. Request For Demo

Staff Performance & Appraisal Management

Evaluate, enhance, and track staff performance with specialised appraisal management system. Request For Demo

Student Online Withdrawal

Simplify student withdrawal process online with end-to-end process management. Request For Demo

Staff Attendance Management

Streamline staff attendance tracking for efficient management of resources & academic schedule. Request For Demo

Compliance Management

Efficiently track and manage regulatory compliances with a specialised compliance module. Request For Demo

Interactive Dashboard

Enable data visualisation effortlessly for informed decision-making. Request For Demo

Student Teacher Feedback

Encourage improvement with a feedback module promoting open communication between students & teachers. Request For Demo

Parent Student Portal/App

Empower parents & students with 100% transparency and seamless access to information. Request For Demo

Student Bus Tracking

Ensure student safety & transparency with parents through real-time GPS tracking portal of buses. Request For Demo

School Survey Management

Gather valuable feedback & actionable insights with an effective school survey management module. Request For Demo

User Privilege

Customise access levels and permissions easily & effectively for smooth school management. Request For Demo


Real-time tech support and issue resolution with a user-friendly help desk for users. Request For Demo

HR Management System

End-to-End management of your human resources with a comprehensive HR Management module. Request For Demo

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