Assignments are given to evaluate the knowledge gained by students. This helps to assess their grasp of a particular subject. A student must divide their time between preparing lessons and completing their assignments. But completing projects is overwhelming and time-consuming, so students often seek expert assignment writing help.

Online assignment primarily focuses on content that is easy for all students. Teachers select materials for both online classwork and homework. Educators are constantly striving to maximize the students’ learning opportunities so that they have a better grasp on that topic. Online assignments should be more accessible for all students to access. 

Features Of The Online Assignment

Some features of the online assignment are stated below, which makes them simple and facile for the teachers and the students. Teachers can now focus on their teaching methods, the execution process, and the duration of teaching.

1. At Shri Connect, we know how to meet the teachers’ expectations and customize user-friendly school ERP to match your needs. They provide a safe and secure platform to help teachers distribute student assignments. 

2. The assignments once uploaded on the digital platform, the students receive the assignment  altogether. Teachers can mention the due date of submission, review it and check and allot marks to students through the platform. 

3. The online assignments can be distributed through ppt, pdf, word files, or quizzes. They can attach digital resources with the classwork or homework.

4. Students can submit their homework in a word file or PDF. The online platform has the feature to set a reminder for the students, so they don’t get late in submitting it.

The Advantages Of Online Assignment Help From Experts:

1. Complex subjects

Students might struggle to understand complex concepts like mathematics and programming languages. Our team will prepare online assignments accordingly so students can solve them without help. 

2. Saves time & effort

The management team prepares assignments that save a lot of time for the teachers. The assignments are designed on time, ensuring that the educators have more time to prepare lessons for the class or help the students in extracurricular activities. The experts can assist you in maintaining a balance between your lesson planning and other activities, which invariably saves you from tension and stress. It is better to hire experts and let them do it for you.

3. Various other assignments

The experts can assist the teachers if they need more relevant information. They have in-depth knowledge of their respective domain and can develop well-structured solutions. Just hand them and specify the instructions your school or college needs; they will do the rest.

Shri Connect- The Digital Solution Provider

As educational institution management has become increasingly complex, the need for an efficient Education ERP has never been greater. Shri Connect is an education ERP offering comprehensive solutions for all educational institutions.

Shri Connect simplifies the management of student-teacher relationships, making it easier for teachers to track student progress, foster collaboration, and increase communication. It also assists in streamlining administrative tasks like attendance, course tracking, and student records. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it accessible for all users.

Benefit From The Latest Technologies

Shri Connect’s tools allow educational institutions to manage their resources, from curriculum planning and student assessment to data analysis and financial management. Its comprehensive reporting suite gives educational institutions real-time insights, allowing them to make better decisions quickly. Shri Connect also allows integration with other software and solutions, ensuring institutions benefit from the latest trends and technologies.

Shri Connect’s security features ensure that all personal data is protected and confidential. Its cloud-based platform provides secure access from anywhere, allowing educational institutions to easily manage their tasks.


Shri Connect is the perfect Education ERP for educational institutions looking to streamline operations and maximize resources. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Shri Connect allows educational institutions to make the most of their resources and build stronger student-teacher relationships. Shri connect provides the best school ERP software. The integrated management systems provide transparency to schools, colleges, and universities to avoid the wastage of resources. Furthermore, dependence on automated systems guarantees that holidays, time, or staff changes do not impact online assignments. Shri connect ensures that its products and services are the latest and use state-of-the-art technology. They have a scientific approach to user experience and make every tool manageable for you so that you can reap the benefits from the moment you sign in. Critical operations of the schools can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and accurately.