cloud education erp implementation challenges and solutions

Earlier misunderstood as a highly unsafe and inefficient technology, Cloud Education ERP is on the boom for a couple of years. It has truly proved its mettle bypassing the litmus test of ‘Student Data Security’, which was and still is the prime concern of most of the educators. To be honest, ‘Student Data’ is an important asset for educational institutes. It helps them gain exact insights on the internal processes and decide their plan of action to escalate the institution’s growth in terms of students’ academic performance and the productivity of the faculty, staff members & employees.

With an SIS – Student Information System embedded with cloud technology, one can be assured that their sensitive and confidential institutional data would be absolutely safe. However, educators bearing a traditional mindset have fear of uncertainty with the transition to the cloud-based education ERP system. Are there any challenges that educators need to know before Cloud ERP Implementation?

As they say, everything comes with a price; there are several cloud ERP challenges that educators must pay attention to. Any kind of negligence may result in the failed implementation of the cloud-integrated Education ERP and lead educators to be disappointed. Don’t panic! We will discuss the top cloud ERP implementation challenges and the best methods to overcome them.

Here are the topmost cloud implementation challenges along with their genuine solutions.

1. Selection of the Right Education ERP

The first step while heading towards a successful cloud-ERP implementation should be the selection of the right ERP campus management facilitator. With a plethora of cloud-based Education ERP software in the market, it seems difficult to identify the genuine cloud ERP product as well as educational ERP vendors. Not every ERP vendor out there would stay true to what they promise to deliver and will support proper work ethics, right? Therefore, you must do a thorough research of the ERP provider & services keeping in mind some crucial aspects such as–

2. Appropriate Training to the Staff

Once you finalize the ERP vendor, half of your work is finished! However, to ensure the other half is smooth, you must ask your staff and faculty members to undergo the cloud education ERP software operating training process strictly. If the faculty members fail to adhere to the training rules, they may face difficulties while operating the cloud software in the future, ultimately resulting in functional inefficiencies.

Ensure every staff member undergoes the training seriously and confidently learns to manage and control the cloud system. You can even arrange a session with ERP specialists after a month of cloud education ERP implementation where your staff can clear the doubts and challenges they might be facing in the initial phase. It will make their work much easier and they can spend more time teaching!

3. Security Challenges

Circling back the prime concern of educators these days, one thing is crystal clear – No institution wants to compromise on its data! Anyone using the software must keep their login credentials to themselves and avoid giving it to anyone. The higher management authorities operating Multi-Academy Trusts must monitor the daily ongoing activities in all the institutions and must contact the ERP service provider if they witness any anonymous activity in their cloud system.

Data mishandling can negatively affect students’ academics, fuel up the possibilities of mishaps, raise a question on their personal security, and harm the reputation of institutions in the long run. The probability of circumstances can double up in the case of global ERP implementation. Keeping the data safe is not just important for educational institutions, but the only way to function positively.

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Hence, local or global educators seeking cloud ERP solutions for their school, college, or university must be extra careful and choose their Education ERP facilitator wisely! Get in touch with Shri Connect to simplify your Cloud Based Education ERP Implementation journey!