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ShriConnect is an all-embracing IT resolution for institutions that serve each of the establishments with their services and helps all the associates like Students, Teachers, Directors, and Parents. ShriConnect is a SaaS model system and it is primarily a Cloud-based ERP.
ShriConnect provides some education-related services such as the School Management System EPR, and many others as well.


  • The School management system ERP is a tool or software that needs to be used by the school, as a whole. Schools are well-known facing constant budget costs and financing issues, which means any financial outlay must be justified. Understanding the needs of the school at every level and for every associate in the school is necessary to fully understand the needs of the school.
  • A ERP software for a school system is a kind of academic technology, i.e. software that is built to especially meet the various needs of an academic institution. It helps the school plan the use of its assets more productively. School management system ERP helps schools in many ways by just taking over this facet of running a school – when the proceedings of a school run smoothly, the school itself runs smoothly.
  • One of the most exceptional features of the School ERP software is that it saves a lot of time involved in managing enormous data and information. This further helps teachers and administrative staff to focus more on the other important jobs and work properly. For parents, school ERP software keeps them up to date with how their child is doing in the school which helps the parents to take the necessary steps for their child whenever required.


  • Reduction In Workforce Cost School ERP execution can affect numbers for academic processes in institutes. It is interesting to know that a reduction in manpower creates excellent income that can be used to create better quality education for students. In return, this also saves time and money spent on administrative operations.
  • Prompt Decision Making School Management ERP can produce reports in large numbers for management pieces of work such as admission, fee payment, students and employees, outstanding payments, demographic details, etc. Faster decision making helps to increase the productivity of your institute and helps you to stand confidently among your companions.
  • A real-time data record In School ERP, you’ll be able to provide access to as many folks as you wish to department wise. Admission, examination, HR, hostel, inventory, etc. All of these departments will have access to the software to fill the real-time data.
  • Lesser paperwork This software digitizes the complete administration process. With this, departments are able to interchange information easily and that leads to less paperwork. Digitization with the School ERP System will facilitate in reducing approx 15% value saving in paperwork.
  • Effective communication School ERP Software gives individual portals to access notifications, information, and updates for all the associates of a school. Students can download/upload assignments, have the provision to time table, exams notifications, fill out their details, pay fees and bills, etc. from their portal. Parents can also have the provision to all this information from their portal. This will increase the connection between students, teachers, and parents. You can stop wasting their time in long lines for various formalities.
  • Increased teaching time With the execution of the School Management, teachers can save time from minor academic activities such as attendance marking, time-table maintenance, assignments distribution to individual students, course execution records, etc. With this teachers can increase their teaching methods, course execution process, and duration of teaching.

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