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While educational institutions are closing because of the coronavirus pandemic, several teachers are searching for ways in which they can turn their teaching into digital learning lessons. One thing that you can do as an educator is to be mindful of new ideas so that students can learn from online assignments that you’re giving them and they are able to understand the concept that you’re making them learn.

While designing online learning your primary focus should be to make the content more understanding for all your students. As educators, you should always be striving to maximize learning opportunities. To make your online homework easier for all students to access, you should keep few things in mind.

The online homework module allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades based on the same platform on which they are teaching them.

Some features or benefits of online assignment/homework are:-

  1. A really safe and secure feature that these platforms provide the teachers is that the online assignment that is submitted by a student can only be viewed by the teacher and not to other students.
  2. These platforms also help the teachers to distribute assignments to students altogether and they don’t have to mail them or send it to them through message separately. Once they upload the question all the students receive the assignment question altogether.
  3. Teachers can ask the students to submit their work in a due time, review it and provide marks to students through that platform or can mark any kind of correction on their work as well.
  4. While distributing work teachers can distribute ppt, pdf,word files/ different types of quiz also. While distributing work, teachers can attach digital content/resources as well.
  5. Teachers can ask the students to submit their homework in the form of a drive file, word file, or in the form a PDF as well. These platforms also provide you the feature to mention the due date while sharing the assignment with students, and set a reminder for them so that they don’t get late to submit it.
  1. Homework & Assignment Module:

    The lectures can also be recorded as only teachers have the access to record a lecture and then upload through the teacher’s portal and the lecture will be visible to the students or teachers can also schedule the time of that video.

  2. Academic resource:

    Provision required wherein the school team can share smaller video content, guest lecture content with the students.

  3. Individual Pace:

    Online learning provides much-needed effectiveness for teachers, giving them the provision to increase the potential for individual learning within the classroom. Many online learning ways are responsible for self-paced learning and gives students and teachers the provision to work together to meet scheduled targets.

Before you dive into online learning, take a moment, and remember that your students are considerably far more comfortable with using technology than you are. Don’t worry about being perfect. Always give space to trials, exploration, and mistakes. What your students need most right now is to know that you’re there for them and that you’ll get through this difficult time together. For more information get in touch with Shri Connect