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Online assessments are used in different working fields and all of them have their own goal to achieve. There are different types of online assessments. Here we are going to highlight the assessment in the educational area.

School assessment is the structured process of recording and using the data on the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs of a student. By taking the assessment, teachers try to improve the learning of a student.

There are 2 types of assessments. First one is Formative assessment which will give you an overview of the student at the beginning of the class and second one is Summative assessment which will give you the outcome of the whole process. Assessment can help to focus on the learning of an individual or on everyone, like the whole class, or a specific program. It gives you the chance to improve your command over the students.

Importance Of Assessment

When you start creating assessment (subject material) for your students, you need to evaluate your assessment. The teacher set goals to fulfill at the end of every chapter or/and at the end of the assessment. The assessment decides whether or not the goals of education are being met. There are some questions that frequently come to your mind while taking the assessment. You have to ask these questions throughout the whole lesson.

The assessment affects decisions on different areas like grades, advancement, instructional needs, placement, and curriculum. So first of all, you need to identify what type of assessment you need to give the students. Whether the student need goal-oriented assessment, or performance-oriented assessment are the types of assessment that a teacher can give to their students.

Advantages Of Online Assessments

The use of online assessments can save a lot of time of the teacher as well as of the student. Often the assessments can be completed in less time, several students can complete the online assessment at the time and for that, you don’t even need to have specialized staff for it. Also, the test takers are able to take the assessment during class, or at home, using their own phone or laptop.

Also a teacher needs to define the time of the assessment i.e. when will the assessment Start and when will it End. With that they also need to tell the different types of questions that one generally ask during the time of anassessment. Types of questions included in a assessment are MCQ, Check Box question, Short answer, fill in the blanks, long answer question, Diagram-Based Questions, and Drag Drop. Also the most important thing here is the ability to resume/restart the exam in case of power/internet failure.

Here are some ways through which one can take an online assessment:-

  1. Question Bank Management

    • Support for image based, graphical questions
    • Bulk Uploading questions
    • Rubrics and associated marks
  2. Assessment Creation

    • Assessment Based on Role, NOS Questions, and difficulty level criteria
    • Defining Assessment Time i.e. when will the assessment Start and when will it End.
  3. Assessment Management

    • Prevention of mechanism to copy questions
  4. Analysis and Reporting of Assessment Result

    • Trend Analysis
    • % candidates not answering particular questions
    • Algorithm based answer system

So because of these reasons the online method of education has been accepted by all the educational institutes which have computers and an internet connection available. Get in touch with Shri Connect