How to successfully execute an ERP in an educational organization

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How to successfully execute an ERP in an educational organization

2020/09/05 at 12:09 PM

How to successfully execute an ERP in an educational  organization

As the world is progressing towards Mobility and cloud-based solutions in almost every domain, education is also not away from its positive result. Every school around the world is either using one or another kind of solution or looking for implementing one. Now as integrated connectivity and access 24*7 became common, and basic necessity, again a trend has started to move towards a more robust and efficient cloud-based solution. Considering that there is a big mass of schools all around, many companies are trying to build a business around this and so it becomes difficult for a school to choose the most relevant solution for them. At times, due to the limited information and understanding about product and domain knowledge, many schools end up picking something which doesn’t work for them. And so they build a perspective that school management software is not that useful and they end up relying on their older offline system or totally traditional paper-based system. Implementing a wrong or not so suitable system will not only result in a monetary loss but also will affect the productivity of all the stakeholders associated with it.

So we felt sharing some points to consider before you make a decision to choose a system available out of all the options:

1. List down the units you want to digitize: Having clarity on exactly which units do you want to digitize is very important. Out of all the operations, based on working patterns, different schools face a different level of difficulties in managing operations. So choosing the departments you want to digitize is very important. Though you do not need to have exact requirements, you need to make priorities on the same.

2. Appoint an IT person or a small team to evaluate options: Having a person who understands the current software trends in the school domain is very important. Choosing the right person and his/her commitment to this will decide a lot on the success of it. Appointing a small team is also suggested when you’re a large organization.

3. Search for suitable options available and shortlist a few of them: Here is very tricky work. How do you shortlist suitable solutions provider is very essential. You can follow different methods to shortlist the best options available. First, you can check with your connected, neighboring schools or other reputed schools and take feedback and reference from them. Second, you can search on Google to find the best options available. You may check detailed information available on the website about different modules.

4. Finalizing deal: Now finally after detailed evaluation along with your experience with the companies regarding their services, you need to take the final call on which system to go for. You should consider that the system you’re going to implement will be there for the next 5-10 years. So you need to select based on futuristic vision. I believe, at this stage, you will be very clear about which system you should go to. You may keep terms like half payment advance and a half after successful implementation of the system if you have a doubt on performance or services. However, we believe, implementing a smart ERP and Mobile App solution is as important as having a good building or teachers or anything for that matter.

One thing we would like to let you know that no company will be able to fulfill all of your features requirements the way you want. Because it’s not possible to customize a product for each customer. However, if you’re able to even 80% of your day to day operations completely digital, we guess it would be a great success. Successful implementation of the School Management System will not only save your time, money, and resources but it will add a lot of value to parents and all the stakeholders. If you need any support or consulting, you may connect the Shri Connect team, we would be happy to assist.

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