Features Of SIS That Improve Communication In Educational Environment

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Features Of SIS That Improve Communication In Educational Environment

2020/09/05 at 12:21 PM

Features Of SIS That Improve Communication In  Educational Environment

What Is The Student Information System?
A student information system , which is also known as SIS usually, helps a school to manage data, communications, and scheduling. A large amount of data is generated and used by the school system. This data must be communicated properly to students, faculty, and parents. Also this system stores and tracks all the information related to students, including their grades, attendance records, and many more things. Teachers, students, and parents to communicate with all the relevant information pertaining to students’ schooling use these platforms.

Key Benefits Of SIS Software

  • It increases communication between divisions.
  • While transferring records between departments it maintains data of the stakeholders.
  • It provides a unified resource location for relevant stakeholders, including alumni, faculty, support staff, and donors.

It eases the transfer of data to external institutions.

It reduces the time spent on maintaining and organizing student records. Why Communication Modules Are Important For An SIS?

“Communication is a process that is used to pass information from one person to another.” In other words, it is a process of transmitting and sharing ideas, opinions, facts, values from one person to another or one organization to another.

Communication is the connecting link between us and the world around us. In that way, communication features are probably one of the important if not the most important characteristics of a student information system. Communication modules help all stakeholders to be in touch: parents, teachers, students, etc.

Features That Improve Communication In An Educational Environment?

1. In-Built Messaging – SIS in-built messaging allows users to communicate within the app with different stakeholders without switching devices or directories. Technology allows you to send messages with unmatched accuracy using the SIS Web Interface. Bulk messages are received by all users and the student information system helps in it which leads to increased user’s satisfaction.

2. Email – Every educational institution requires an information system with built-in communication modules and tools for the purposes of both bulk and individual email delivery. There are various combined tools employed by modern SIS systems to achieve the finest performance in their communications capabilities.

Bulk emails, newsletters, and bulletins can now be sent to thousands of recipients including students, parents, teachers, or other contacts.

3. SMS – Apart from the e-mail, SIS systems use more basic message types such as SMS for direct communication. Organizations can inform their students, teachers, etc. via SMS directly on their mobile phones. This medium is used in emergency situations as well as non-scheduled events. All you have to do is select your recipients and begin the CRM action. Select the means of communication (SMS) and send out automatic SMS blasts to students, parents, and teachers.

4. Online Meeting Bookings – An online meeting booking system helps educational institutions to create and maintain a strong collective environment between students, parents, and teachers. Such functions provide the teacher’s availability information to students and parents, which allows them to schedule a meeting either in-person or online. This system allows all stakeholders (students, parents, or teachers) to schedule the meeting easily, set the various parameters, such as some restrictions, and to have a clear overview of the process.

What To Expect From A Smart Software Information System!!

Student information systems need to be integrated with strong alerting and communication systems so as to alert students, parents, or teachers in emergencies and key events. On key events like when a student is being absent in order to keep parents informed alerts need to be triggered at that time. This System is designed with features that students, teachers, and parents can collaborate with in order to make the communication as effective, engaging, and uncomplicated as it can possibly be.

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